Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How NOT To Get Close To Your Husband

In a recent personal exploration, I found a few key ways NOT to to bring your distant husband closer to you. In order to save someone else from the same arduous ordeal, I thought it best to share my findings.

Top Ways NOT to Bring Your Husband Closer To You:

1.) Do NOT nag, nag, and nag some more about what is bothering him. Going about it this way will only cause your distant husband to push you further away.

2.) Do NOT ask him if he's been avoiding you becasue you've gotten so fat. Do NOT continue by pointing out in pounds and inches how much weight you've gained over the past year.

3.) Absolutly, positivly, do NOT ask him if he's seeing someone else. This will cause said husband to question your sanity, and not only not touch you, but not speak to you for a while either.

4.) Do NOT threaten to throw his computer out the window if he stays on it one more minute to game online.

5.) Do NOT obssess over every unspoken word, every phone call, every missed kiss godd-bye.

Effective Methods To Actually Bringing Your Husband Back To Your World:

1.) DO be understanding when he's had a tough day at work. Allow him some peace and quiet.

2.) DO understand that online gaming, or other activities, are a way for him to de-stress, not avoid you.

3.) DO try to discuss what's bothering him, but don't push when it's clear he doesn't want to talk about it.

4.) DO let him know how you're feeling, but not in an accusitory way.

5.) DO make an effort to find ways to spend time together without the kids, to be grown-ups together. Don't bring up stressful topics at this time, but focus on appriciating each other.

6.) Do understand that he stresses out about things just as much as you do, but that he processes things in different ways. Don't take it personally.

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