Monday, December 17, 2007

The Holiday List of What Could Have Been

Full of the holiday spirit (i.e. frustration and guilt) I've decided to jump in on Painted Maypole's Monday Mission this week and create my own holiday inspired list.

My list is The List of Holiday Good Intentions, aka The List of Things I Really Meant to Do This Year for Christmas, But Will Not Complete:

1. The adorable little hand puppets I intended to make for my nieces and nephews. The materials sit in a bag, the googly eyes staring up at me accusingly, the super soft fake fur begging to stroked and loved.

2. The Christmas cards. Every year I vow to send these out. This year, I bought the cards and filled them out. They are now sitting in the box, waiting for cute pictures of the kids, stamps, and addresses. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

3. A gingerbread house. I downloaded some spectacular gingerbread house plans from Bob Villa himself. Visions of adorable, edible villages dance in my head. Instead, I made some gingerbread men. Even those didn't manage to get icing.

4. Handmaking all my gifts. Please see previous post for all the lame details.

5. Listing new items on my Etsy site. I really wanted to take advantage of the holiday buying season to sell some lovely new items to potential buyers. But no, even the promise of extra Christmas money couldn't inspire me to find the extra 10 minutes to get this done.

So there you have it, the top 5 reasons why I suck at Christmas this year. I think my family should be pretty grateful we have a tree up at this point. So please, feel free to bask in the complete and utter failure of all my best holiday intentions.


painted maypole said...

ha ha ha!

oh, I so have a list of good intentions as well! :)

thanks for playing along!

bubandpie said...

I don't really remember this theme from last year (my first blogging Christmas), but this year blogging has made me especially aware of how much peace of mind I achieve by NEVER PLANNING to send out Christmas cards.

Jen M. said...

Oh I totally relate to the bag of unfinished projects!

Christine said...

Well, I for one am a bit glad you didn't get more on your etsy site. It would have made my purchasing decisions harder. Your works are so beautiful!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...your calender, after mucho problems, is on it's way. That paypal widget leaves something to be desired; I took it off not long after you ordered. THEN I thought your calender was wasn't. I'm sorry. It is being sent now, I promise I know what I'm talking about this time.

I've given up promising Christmas cards, too. The year they go out will be quite the accomplishment!