Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mission- Class Syllabus

Course: Living With a New Puppy 101
Instructor: Sarcasta-Mom

Course Objective: This course should equip the student with the skills to make it through puppyhood with their new canine with their sanity still in place. Skills learned will include cleaning up puppy messes with the best cleaning supplies for the job, pooper scooper tutorial, proper play activities, crate training, appropriate treat restrictions, and how to survive on little to know sleep due to excessive late night whimpering.

Prerequisite: Parenthood, with a focus on infant care.

Supply List: One puppy, various cleaning supplies, strong coffee.

Attendance: Students are allowed to miss up to two classes for sleep deprivation or other puppy related incidents. All further absences must be accompanied by a note from the student's veterinarian.

Grading: Grading will be done on a curve based on the student's ability to remain awake and focused, as well as their interactions with their puppy. Anyone caught spanking their puppies will be failed automatically. Final exam grades are given based on the number of times the student manages to get their puppy outside before is makes a mess on the rug.

Office Hours: There are no set office hours for this course. Please try to catch the professor out on the lawn with peeing puppy.


Louise said...

Cute post. Adorable puppies!

Mary Beth said...

I think another judging criteria should be how many pieces of furniture have stayed free of teeth marks (and in our case, how many books have escaped the jaws of death - we have a very well read dog!) The puppies are beautiful!

painted maypole said...

adorable! and great mission! Well done! Thanks for playing!

and is that 4 puppies, or one just running around a lot? ;)