Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Back on the Horse

Life takes us in seriously strange directions sometimes. Looking at my last blog post (Ridiculously long ago) it struck my as funny at how many things had changed since then, how I had changed.

One of the biggest things that occurred in this time, was a giant upheaval in my battle with depression. While its hard for me to admit out loud, I've always struggled with depression, and now, more than ever, I realize just how important it is to talk about that openly and honestly.

This past spring, things came crashing down around me in a big way. My health was in trouble, and I had to leave my job. Debilitating depression swallowed me whole. I was mentally comatose, frozen in my helplessness, sinking into darkness.

With the help of my family, in large part my mother, and the aid of new medication, I was finally able to claw my way back to a semblance of life. I sucked it up and made a go of doing my jewelry full time- and it worked! Through my daughter, I rediscovered my passionate love of horses. I lived in the sun, and had one of the best summers of my life.

And now, during the slow season for jewelry, I've taken and office job through a temp agency and am catching up on winter bills. While being back in an office is a struggle for me, I can now look ahead to the sun, and not let it bring me to such a dark place. There is hope, there is faith, and for once, there is the promise of light.

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