Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Christmas Gift Dilema

All right, as I posted yesterday, I'm working on handmade gift ideas for my family and GH's family for Christmas. Here are the ideas I'm working on:

-Hand painted boxes

This is where I am, and I have to start pulling things together. I'm in desperate need of some ideas to make these gift ideas cohesive, maybe make the scarves match the quilts. Or, just make one quilt per family and call it good. I just don't know.

Is it wrong that I'm already wishing Christmas was over?


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Christmas is not nearly as fun when you're married and have to buy/make/stress about gifts. Ugh.

bubandpie said...

Hand-painted boxes sound nice.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I like the idea of the hand-painted boxes. Something nice, unique, pretty, and practical.

It's also the thing that sounds the most fun to make, to me. ;-)