Sunday, May 04, 2008

Seriously, Is It Me?

On Friday, I had one of my client's steal a $200 check out of my office. I work with adults with MR, and have learned infinite patience and understanding, but this, well, this just pushed me over the edge. Granted, it was a client with a history of theft and deception, but it also happened to be a client I had just spent two days worth of serious quality time with. Naive as it may sound, I just didn't think she'd pull something like that with me.

When I confronted her, my eyes swam with tears of hurt and anger. I managed to be calm and professional, but part of me? Well, part of me wanted to throttle her and scream "What the hell were you thinking!?!?!" Once again, I was left feeling betrayed, furious, and like a complete sucker.

So seriously, is it me? Do I give off some kind of pheromone that prompts thievery? Tomorrow, I'm dousing myself in some kind of aura cleansing hippy oil.


emily said...

Not you. I see how it would seem like the black cloud is following you around. But I also see, every day, how you are trying to do things to make the world better - so please keep your spirits up and keep being you!

Angela said...

Not you!! One day at a time...sounds like you're doing a great job!