Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Day Of School, Yard Sales, And The Rest

So, I'm a little behind on my obligatory first day of school post. The kid's first day was this Wednesday, which kicked off their first, two-day, week of school.

Everyone looked so adorable at the bus stop, as only first-day-of-school kids can.

Now, as the only girl in the neighborhood, I always try to make K look extra spiffy for her first day of school. As you can see however, in the mere minutes it took to get her outside and take this picture, her hair was everywhere, and she had put a big sweatshirt over her cute outfit. G is the one next to her, in this, the only picture that I managed to get him to look at me.

The first day went great, as expected, and so did the second day. Both kids seem to like their teachers G even had cheeseburgers for lunch on the first day, so all was uber right with the world. We'll see how it goes when they've had time to settle in.

On other fronts, due to an expected turn of events, I got what I wanted at work, and will never have to work a Saturday again. I'm so excited, because this was the only thing that was making me consider looking for something else. Now I can stay in my job, and be as satisfied as can be expected in my line of work.

And, because I'm totally insane, my neighbor and I decided it was a great weekend to have a yard sale. I forgot how much work yard sales are. On the plus side, I did make enough for gas money for the week. Yeah! And of course, there's still tomorrow, so maybe there's even toilet paper in our future. Let's just say, money has been tight this week. Go yard sale go. Just pray that tomorrow the daisy duke wearing man or the prison lady doesn't come back. Oh, there will be stories to tell.....


Casdok said...

Lovely to hear the first few days of school went well. And you have toilet paper!! :)

Alisha Wilson said...

So exciting the kids look so cute! I'm blogging so much more than you! Ha! I tried to call you the other day but I didn't get a call back. Mom told me about G and his episodes he's having. My roommate works with kids with Asburgers and she said Gluten Casein Free diets work wonders here is a link to this diet . She also said nitrates are horrible for kids like him ie Bologna. ANd she's seen a lot of these kids have internal seizers. Call me.

painted maypole said...

gas money is good. ;)