Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Catching Up- Again!

Seems I'm always playing catch up around here. Despite my best intentions, the blog is always the first thing to suffer when things get crazy. And trust me, it's been crazy. However, I've vowed to get everything back on track, including my blogginess.
So, here's a brief life synopsis:

Brain Train
We got the results of G's EEG and his brain appears to be showing no signs of seizure activity. They did say that the test is only 80-90% accurate though, so if we see any other episodes that concern us to let them know. For now, they suggested counseling for G's outbursts. After many phone calls, I managed to find an excellent counselor, someone a co-worker knows well, who will see G starting next Monday. We are all very hopeful that she can help G, and us, learn some new methods to help manage his anger issues and emotional outbursts.

This year, K decided to be Princess Leia, which prompted G to be Darth Vader. The costumes were great, and largely done with things we already had around the house, which was doubly awesome. Someday my sorry behind may even post some belated pictures. Once again we did a Halloween hell walk with out neighbor and his son. Luckily, the weather was astonishingly beautiful, which made the three hour, multiple neighborhood trek, much more bearable. We now have four bulging sacks of candy sitting on top of our refrigerator once again. Good times.

That's right, doggies. As in plural. As in two. We now have two lovely long haired chihuahuas. Aries, Loki's litter brother, joined our family about two weeks ago. We all LOVE it. They've been an amazing addition to the family. I'm even thinking of starting a chihuahua blog.You know, with all my spare time.....

Is getting close and totally freaking me out. I think I'm doing well with all of the handmade gifts I'm doing for most of my family, but I definitely need to get my rear in gear on the kid's gifts. I have a lot of big ideas, and small amounts of money. I'm working on that. For now though, I"m buying things bit by bit, and planning for some upcoming craft shows, and praying they bring in a little extra money in time for the holidays.

I just have to say "WOW"! I can't believe I'm lucky enough to live in a time when such amazing changes can take place, and such historic events can happen. This is huge, and our country will never be the same. Here's to changes for the better all around.


Casdok said...

Yes heres to positive change!
Your being very organised thinking about christmas! Thank you for reminding me i had better get started!
Congratulations on your extended family!!

Alisha Wilson said...

Mom got a kitten, you got a doggie, and I got a boyfriend. Things are looking good for the women in this family, Christmas is very stressful, just be thankful you don't have to pay for a $600 plane ticket on top of all of the gifts. Oh yeah and try to breath once in a while.

painted maypole said...

hooray on the elections.

and I know about busy. yikes. i haven't downloaded our halloween pics either, and I'm SO behind on blogging and reading and...