Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sill Kickin'

Well, I'm still alive, and finally on the upswing from being so ill. Since my last post, I was diagnosed with bronchitis, pink eye, and a fun throat infection. I took some antibiotics and had an inhaler, but was still feeling lousy. Finally, yesterday, at my boss's pleading insistence, I went and saw my primary care doctor. He gave me some magical steroids which have reduced the swelling in my throat and my lungs, leaving me feeling halfway normal today. He also gave me drops for my eye so I wouldn't be half blind from conjunctivitis. So yeah, fun times all around.

Thanks to some massive state budget cuts, the agency that I work for, and every other one in the state, is being hit hard. We're scrambling to cut money everywhere, but people are petrified that job cuts are only a matter of time. So, true to form, I'm freaking out the hardest. My mind has been whirling, trying to formulate contingency plans just in case I end up losing my job in the months to come. We HAVE to work harder on putting money into savings, just in case. We HAVE to cut back on our bills, even though I can't imagine where else we can cut costs. We HAVE to prepare for the worst, just in case. Oh god, can someone get me a paper bag while I hyperventilate? Please!!????

Moving right along out of Panic-Land, I am doing better with my jewelry sales now that the holidays are approaching, and I'm praying it gives us a little extra money for Christmas. I'm actually doing really well with most of my gifts, and I think the kids are the only ones left to buy for. Of course though, they're the most expensive ones. I'm already bargain shopping and comparing prices, prepping for those pre-Christmas sales. Go sales go!

So, I'm going to do my best to save my pennies and make the best of the holidays. It's all you can do when your family is depending on you. So here's to bucking up and making the best of it.....

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painted maypole said...

glad you are feeling better - I got a steroid shot a few weeks back and it licked the long lingering sinus thing I had

of course, then I got a fever, but that was completely unrelated.