Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday I got W-2's for me and GH and I was super excited to get taxes filed so we could get our tax refund. After carefully plugging all of our info into H&R Block online, I was ecstatic to learn that we have enough to pay off all of our bad debt, and go out for a nice dinner with what's leftover. No fun toys or furniture this year, but this is going to get us into our own house so much faster.

I talked to another mortgage lender today, and she said once we pay that off, if we could get a secured credit card that would help our credit as well. She said that within a few months, we should be looking at buying a house!!!! Yeah!

And now that that seems to be in place, I get nervous. Every time something seems to good to be true, I often assume it is. So now I'm having paranoid delusions about our tax return not going through, that there will be some kind of problem. I try to keep the anxiety from taking over, but sometimes it's hard when you're counting on something so much.

So for now I'll wait it out for the next few days and try not to worry. It's freezing here, so I hope to do some baking this weekend and maybe watch a good movie with the kids. I'll do my best to drown my anxiety in cookie dough and board games, with smiles and family warmth.


emily said...

That is awsesome! I can't wait for our W-2s and filing - better than Christmas :)

Karlana said...

My husband is pretty good with finances and stays on top of our stuff and he'd suggest the same thing. I would say after six months of having that CC, your FICO scores will go up dramatically.

We received our W-2s yesterday and husband is going to be plugging away at it today.

Tabmade said...

Thanks! We just got another one today, haha. I think two is plenty for us though. :)