Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Progress

So far, the New Year's resolutions have already taken a hit. Yesterday, my mortgage application, the one that I was pretty much assured would go through, was denied. This was after we had found the house of dreams the day before. I'm seriously crushed. The mortgage man told me that a year ago, my application would have passed easily, but because of the current state of the market. My portfolio just wasn't strong enough. He gave me some tips on strengthening it, and told me we could revisit it again in six months. Crap.

Of course, right after I received this news, I had my first therapy session. There was a lot of crying involved. However, I really liked the woman I met with, and think this is going to be super helpful. Good times.

On the plus side, G has had a phenomenal week! He's avoided meltdowns and even cleaned his room without one complaint! It's like a belated Christmas miracle. Right now, I'll take what I can get, and that's a big gift indeed.


painted maypole said...

oh, I'm sorry about the house. ack.

your resolutions are good ones... good luck! i'm to scared to make any! ;)

Alisha Wilson said...

It's good to talk to someone it can really help you sort things out.

Mallika said...

Resolutions, BAH! They're meant to be broken. I feel v bad about the mortgage though. Just bide your time, in a few months it may even feel like the time wasn't quite right.