Tuesday, October 16, 2007


*While getting K dressed in her PJ's*

Me: So K, how do you like Mrs. E so far? Is she nice? Are you learning a lot?

K: Mmmmmmmm...... *looking skyward, thoughtfully* she's, um...... tender.

Me: Tender? *Immediately breathless at such a deep, and very complex descriptive word. Congratulating myself on raising such an intuitive and brilliant little girl.* What do you mean by tender?

K: Well.... *fluffing her hands a bit* just tender.

Me: *At this point wondering if "tender" means "soft and squishy" which she is fond of calling me. I saw my Mother Of The Year award slipping away* You think Mrs. E is soft?

K: No, she pulls the sting *making strange pulling motions with her hands*

Me: Pulls the string?

K: Yeah, she pulls the bad string.

Me: What the heck is the bad string?

K: *exasperated at me now* The bad string. The one that that makes her mean. She's made me work on something for three days because I didn't finish it.

Me: Well K, that's what teachers do. You have to finish your school work you know. Don't you like Mrs. E most of the time?

K: Yeah, well, she's been under the weather. I'm sure she'll be nicer when she's not under the weather *trotting off to brush her teeth*

Me: Um, I see.

K: My friend Mary taught me those words you know. Tender, and under the weather.

Me: Good to know you're learning something.

Mary is also the friend that has taught K to cheer lead obsessively. And swing her hair around while she does it. And do the sassy little hip tosses that freak me out.
Thanks so much Mary.

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mmrw said...

This is so funny.

Man, I can just see that damn little Mary... :)