Friday, March 21, 2008

Haiku Friday- I Did It!!!!!

Haiku Friday

Letter now in hand.
I can't believe they want me.
My dream coming true.

I did it, got in!
Grad school is in my future.
August starts it all.

Worries, money fears.
I will hardly see the kids.
Hard work and papers.

Can GH do it?
Handle the bills and the kids?
Can this all happen?

That's right, it's happened. The college I've applied to has decided I'm good enough to enter their super selective graduate program to achieve teaching certification and my Master's degree in Education. In 9 short months, they will pack me full of courses, internship hours, and general teaching know-how. In 9 short months, I'll be ready to be a teacher.

The program starts in August and runs through May. I keep telling myself that we'll be able to to it, to sacrifice, and struggle to make this happen. I know I'm asking a LOT of my family. I will hardly see my kids as the days start early and go until around 7pm. Weekends will be full of papers, and research. GH will have to go out and get a real job, and handle the finances, the dinners, the appointments, etc. We will have no money, no time.

This means the next few months will be full of putting away every penny into savings. It will mean enjoying every relaxing moment we share together. It will mean shoring up our resources, preparing, and steeling ourselves for the months to come.

But in the end, I'll be able to become a teacher. I will achieve my dream, and have a real career. I'll be able to start thinking about finally buying a house, and working on other dreams. Sometimes, good things really do happen if you try hard enough, and dream long enough.....


emily said...

YAY!! i am so excited for you! I know you will do great and your family will be BETTER for your sacrifice and hard work.

Angela said...

I knew it!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! Congrats on getting 'in'!

transplanting me said...

congratulations!! it will be over before yo know it.

crackerjacksMO said...

Good Ku'. Congrats on school, that's very exciting!

janet said...

whoohooo! that's awesome!

Scylla said...

Congratulations!! That is great news!
Grad school was my favorite education experience! I wish the same for you!

sarah said...

congratulations! It sounds like it was meant to be. Your family will rise to the occasion, as will you. It will be worth it!

maggie said...

Great 'ku, and many congrats!

Jenni said...

That is awesome! Good for you! Hope you have a great Easter!

Christine said...


I am SOOOOOOOOO happy for you! It'll be rough, but nine months will pass relatively quickly.

I'm forwarding awards tomorrow at my place...there's one for you about your last post on being broke. I feel your pain.