Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Melt Down City

After enjoying a relatively lengthy period of no melt downs, G has decided to bring them back in full force. The past few days have been a careful dance of trying not to set him off, while still trying to enforce household rules.

The night before last, the house was ringing with the familiar shouts of "I hate this place!" "I hate everything!" etc. The walls shook as he kicked at his door and tossed toys on his floor. We gritted our teeth and waited for it to peak before trying to bring him down to get him in his bed.

As I held him and tried to ease his hitching sobs, he confided to me that he didn't want to be smart anymore. When I asked him why, he said he couldn't handle things being on his mind all the time, that his brain was too busy. I told him that is why he needs sleep, to give his brain time to rest, as I'm pretty sure he's back to not sleeping well again. My heart ached for him, as it always does.

Luckily, we managed to finally get insurance worked out for G, which means we'll finally be able to get his full evaluation done on March 24th. Until then, we go through the familiar dance, doing our best, and praying that answers, and maybe some help, is on the horizon.


Angela said...

Xan just told me yesterday that his brain 'hurt' and that 'it was stupid'.... I hope you get a really good diagnosis.

emily said...

I am glad there is some relief/hope in sight!

Casdok said...

Us mums become very good at dancing!

Defiantmuse said...

Mr. Egg still has the same problem (at age 40).
his mind is constantly "busy" and he says it's like a beehive.
how does he cope?
he smokes a lot of pot.
definitely a good idea to find some good coping skills for G now rather than later on....