Friday, June 20, 2008

Haiku Friday- Saying Good-Bye

Haiku Friday

Hard to bid farewell
Good-bye to teachers we love
Adieu to school lunch

Hi to summer camp
Welcome to the new camp bill
See-ya to my cash

Hard to bid farewell
Good-bye to the job I love
Back to the office

Hi to disconnect
Bye to the contact, the stress
And bye to the joy

So many transitions taking place this week, it's hard to keep my head from spinning clear off. First and foremost, the kids ended school this week, and will begin day camp on Monday.

I'm horribly nervous- we've never put the kids in this summer program before. Also, it's a new, steep child care bill that we're not used to, and GH is still not working. Good God please save me from daily panic attacks.....

Also beginning Monday, I will be back working my office job, having completed my tour of duty as the fill-in House Manager for one of our residences. I've been in this position for the past three months, and even though at times it's been hell, it's also been incredibly rewarding. I'm really sad to be leaving the house, and to watch all of my hard work be passed on to someone else. Yesterday I had one of the worst anxiety attacks I've ever had, and I worry about how it will feel to leave today. Of course, one client has already called this morning to tell me she hates me, all because I reminded her about her Podiatry appointment. Perhaps there are some things that aren't so hard to say good-bye to after all...

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