Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week......

This week I:

- Took my kids to the local fun fair and spent way too much money. However, it helped our family with some much needed reconnection, which made it worth every penny.

- Used my totally rockin camera for the first time and got some beautiful shoits of the kids. Pictures coming soon.

- Finally made risotto after seeing it every week on "Hell's Kitchen"

- Almost made it through the season finale of "Top Chef" GH was kind enough to wake me when it was over to let me know who won.

- Tried to nurse my sad little veggie garden back to health after a freak hail storm. No Joke. If we get one veggie out of that damn garden I'll be shocked....

- Continued my search for an umbrella style clothesline. Or any self-standing clothesline. You know, anything that isn't a rope tied to two trees.

- Had a great art show and was asked to be a store's official jeweler. Who knows, someday I may be able to make a living at this.

- Worked on my new website all by myself since my sister decided to abandon me for paying jobs. It's slow going, but it will get there.

- Managed to get 3 of my 6 clients to the beach, including one woman who never leaves her apartment. We had an amazing day. Small miracles....

- Did not blog. See above.


painted maypole said...

store's official jeweler? that is SO awesome! congrats!

That Chick Over There said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Wow!