Monday, July 14, 2008


GH officially started his new job this past week. It's taken a big weight off my shoulders, making it a little easier to breath. Go job go!

My mother also came down this weekend and nabbed the kids for the week. They're now off in Vermont, frolicking with their cousins, while GH and greedily watch adult TV in the living room, and eat sumptuous, exotic foods that the kids would absolutely wretch over.

The past few days have been joyful and relaxing in a way they haven't been in a long time. The tension lifted, and GH and I have had some time to reconnect and be kind to each other, rather than snapping and panicking over our various anxieties. We enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour dinner, where we just talked, and took the ferry out to explore the Casco Bay islands that we've never seen. It's been lovely, and I think when the kids return, they'll come home to two, much happier, parents.


emily said...

Sounds seriously wonderful!

E said...

Married dating, the best kind......lovely. Sounds like you two are right back in love. Have a sweet reconnect