Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Our finances are once again on a rare upswing, and today I totally indulged myself at the local farmer's market on my lunch break. For the first time this summer, I allowed myself to wander through the fragrant vegetables, the vibrant flowers, and the delicious homemade goodies.

Unfortunately the tomatoes and cucumbers weren't out yet, but I did manage to snag some turnips, baby carrots and fresh basil. And for lunch? I bought homemade bread, the stinkiest artisan cheese I could find, fresh strawberries, and an amazing honey butter. There's nothing like real honey, straight from a bee's behind. Pure heaven.

It's amazing how a few extra dollars can ease the anxiety, the mental craziness. Hopefully we can make this wave last as long as possible.

On that note, I finally managed to track down a free standing clothes line for the back yard, and we'll get it up this weekend. I can't wait! This will help cut our electricity bill big time. I'll also be investing in a small chest freezer this week to freeze veggies from the garden (if any ever actually grow) and meat when it's on sale. I'm really pumped, and I foresee money saving goodness.

For the fourth, we'll be watching a spectacular fireworks display over the ocean- one of the perks of living on the coast of Maine. I hope everyone else has a great fourth as well!!!!


Angela said...

I bet the fireworks will be gorgeous! Enjoy your retail therapy... I know it always does wonders for me. My splurge lately was a Carmelicious Latte... mmmm..

You need the healing where you can get it...LOL

Condo Blues said...

Stinky cheese and crusty bread for lunch, yummmmmm! You're inspiring me to start the breadmaker up and make some herb bread to use the bazillion herbs that are in my garden.

That Chick Over There said...

I loooooove saving money.

E said...

The farmer's market always makes me giddy too. We just got back from the Cape and I even went to one down there.
Your veggies will be there before you know it. And your freezer will probably be full of zuchinni bread!

Christine said...

Oh, how I hear you! I hope this upswing just keeps going uuuuuup for you!!!