Monday, July 07, 2008

World's Busiest Weekend- Now With More Photos!

The Fourth of July was spectacular this year. Considering we had to out run a fireworks killing downpour last year, we deserved a good one. We picnicked with our neighbors on a hill overlooking the ocean with the rest of the city of Portland Maine.

The kids enjoyed sparklers and cheap glow sticks pre-show:

And I enjoyed the wonderful world of fried dough goodness :)Yummmm....

Saturday was spent shopping and putting together K's 6th birthday party. It was a fairy themed party, and I came up with several craft activities for the kids to do, including wing making, wand making, crown making, cookie decorating, and a pinata.

My personal masterpiece of the party was a special fairy cake. It featured a chocolate centerpiece cake covered in purple fondant, and then 10 dancing fairies made of fondant over a strawberry cupcake base (K's choice).

I was up until midnight on Saturday, hand painting all of the faces, and piping in their hair in royal icing. It was perfect, and I was so pleased with myself. It's a dream of mine to someday create cakes with Duff on Ace of Cakes.

However, I did not account for the humidity that fell over my lovely cake. In the morning, the fairies were all sagging inward, looking a bit worse for the wear.

This fairy looked like she had been up all night crying over her sad fate of being devoured by sticky fingered children. Or possibly she was just a crack whore. It's hard to say with things:

These fairies looked like they might have drank to much and made-out a bit in the wee hours:

But, I didn't have much to worry about, because the kids all seemed duly impressed.

The pinata was cute as all get out:

G and his little boy buddies just loved ripping her adorable little head off, and beating her with a metal bat. Fun times.

It was a great party, even though not a lot of kids came. My fault for having a party Fourth of July weekend. But still, it was lovely. And I"ll always treasure the photos of my sweet 6-year-old fairy in her handmade wings.


TLC said...

That looks like one swingin' party! You are right, those fairies look a bit..tired. Cue Raining On Prom Night from Grease?


triz said...

I so feel for you I had the same problem with my son's 1st b-day teletubbies cake where the teletubbies looked more monsterous than cute... but he loved it and I'm sure so did your daughter and her friends :-)

emily said...

WOW, that is so ambitious of you with the cake but it looks amazing :)

So if I needed a birthday cake in Cape Elizabeth in August, can we chat?

Shoot me an email :)

That Chick Over There said...

I am so hungry. This post did not help.

emily said...

emily dot craig at comcast dot net... you should be able to reply to the comment and get to me :)


faeryrowan said...

This is so nice. You had a fairy-themed birthday for your adorable little girl. She's cute in her fairy wings! I specially like the fairies on the cake...despite what you said they looked like. Hehehe! I bet they're very yummy.

kristi said...

I just found your blog. That cake is adorable!