Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Try

All right, here I go, trying to look on the bright side. Ready? O.k. *deep breath*

* I have managed to make back most of the blown tire money through my jewelry sales. Looks like there might be stocking stuffers after all.

* I think we've finally gotten the holiday visiting schedule nailed down.

* I do have two new winter tires, which will be great considering the two crazy snow storms they're predicting for this week.

* The kids, the dogs, and the cats are all healthy.

* When I got sick last night after getting home from work, K told me "It's all right Mama, you don't have to make us dinner if you don't feel good. We can just make sandwiches." Such a sweetie.

* I made myself an appointment with a therapist for myself. There, I said it. In my out load voice. To everyone. I need help. I'm only human.

*Soon the holidays will be over. And that's the happiest thought of all.....


Alisha Wilson said...

We don't realize when we are little how much the holidays suck for our parents. I'm about to have a santa spun break down. If I have to spend one more dollar on christmas I'll scream.

painted maypole said...

good for you for trying to find the bright side... but it's ok to vent here as well. particularly when we are moms and trying to put on the happy face for the kids... we need a place to get all the crappy stuff OUT

That Chick Over There said...

Therapy rocks! :)