Monday, December 01, 2008

Surviving The Holidays

Well, I made it through Thanksgiving with my family. Barely. GH had to stay home to work and I braved the trip to VT with the kids and Loki by myself.

While it was great seeing all of my siblings together (we're terribly scattered throughout the country) there was also a lot of stress. Between my older brother having a huge fight with my mother, and then my mother having a huge fight with my father, there was my father's 50th birthday party crammed in there. I don't know if there are words to describe the drunken mayhem that was that event.

On the plus side, I did make my dad one of my best cakes ever for his birthday. It was a caricature of him sitting on top of the local ski mountain. The image was based on a painting my older brother did years ago, pictured here next to the cake:

I'm damn proud of it.

I made it home late yesterday afternoon, and then had to head out in a hail storm to get groceries for our empty cupboards. Good times.

And now comes Christmas. Right now we're debating where exactly we're going to be on those days, whether with GH's family, mine, or both. Gah. And don't even get me started on the gifts I still have to get for the kids. I can't wait until Christmas is over. Bah Humbug.


Eric S. said...

Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving, even with the added drama that is family.

Ari from said...

Family is always a challenge, and never more so than on holidays when we feel we have to be nice to each other!

Anyway, wanted to stop by and thank you for running the ad for my blog Parental Instincts today.

It looks great, and I'm pleased to be featured on such a great looking site.

Have a good day!

Angela said...

What a fabulous cake!!! Oh my goodness, you are so talented!

painted maypole said...

that cake IS awesome!

Alisha Wilson said...

I'm not coming home for Christmas so that will be weird. It's good that I will have my friends family's I can steel for the day. The cake was awesome! And it tasted good too.

eda said...