Friday, February 06, 2009

Life at An Even Keel

Things continue to go smoothly on the home front. I know I'm probably jinxing myself by writing this, but I can't help it- there's nothing more exciting to report.

I sent out checks to all of my debt collects on Monday this week, and half of them have already been cashed. While I'm sad at the missing money, it does feel good to get our debt cleared up and know soon we can start seriously looking at houses. I feel grown-up and terribly responsible.

February vacation is looming brightly in our future. The kids will be visiting Vermont for the week, and GH and I will be left kid free. I've taken the week off to work on my jewelry and to nap and play with dogs. I can't wait to have a break. GH and I even have plans to go out to a nice adult dinner where we can drink wine and eat foods the kids would find revolting. Mmmmm.....

Until then, we'll be starting the dogs in obedience classes, which we'll be doing as a family and should be an interesting time. I've also promised the kids a trip to the movies this weekend to see Coroline.

And so I count my blessings every day as the news reports job cuts, and budget cuts, and record unemployment. I go to work grateful that I have a job, and come home glad I can feed and house my family. As scary as the world is right now, it's certainly making me thankful for everything I have. I hope life continues to remain even, and boring, for a long time....

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painted maypole said...

boring can be good. :)