Monday, January 07, 2013

The Big Chicken Decision

We are finally closing in on getting the fencing in for our chickens. I spent all day Saturday clearing the area needed of copious amounts of snow, and with some serious nagging of GH, I'm hoping to get the frame erected, then the mesh up together. The master plan is to be able to pick up six lovely pullets this weekends.

Now, the real hard part - deciding on what breed(s) to get for our lovely backyard patch. The local farm store where I'll be picking them up has five breeds of pullets currently available:

                                                                      Golden Comets

                                                                   Silver Wyandotts

                                                                  White Leghorn


Since our city only allows a flock of six, this is tough choice. I consider the chickens to be the cornerstone of all of my self/sufficiency projects. In short, this means productivity is high on the list, followed closely by Winter hardiness and general temperament.
My research has me leaning towards the Leghorns - these seem to be the most productive of the available breeds. However, I really like the look of the Silver Wyandotts best out of all them. I'm thinking of possibly doing a mix, but I'd really like to make sure my flock is harmonious.
Here's where I enter a plea for help - Please, experienced chicken owners, what would your advice be for selecting my small backyard flock with these breeds available? Help!

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