Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Depths of My Garden Mania

If this post doesn't get me committed, nothing will......

So, now that I have seeds in hand, and will begin indoor germination soon, I decided it was time to formulate a battle plan for the garden layout.

I had already decided to do raised beds using the Square Foot Gardening method. Having purchased the book about two years back, this has always been the most practical approach to me, especially doing a backyard, urban garden at a rental property, and desiring high yields for my time and effort.

In my 4' X 4' raised beds, I knew the next step was to determine how much I wanted of my various vegetables, and then how to plant them with "companion" vegetables that would be happy together and help encourage each other to grow to it's maximum potential.

Doing this was an effort in algebra, advanced chess, and Machiavellian strategy. The end result netted me a total of eight raised beds, but I think I've gotten everything mapped out in proper order.


Ignore the missing lines down the right hand sides of the beds - my Paint skills are a bit lacking......

If any more experienced gardeners have any tips of suggestions regarding my layout, please feel free to let me know. Till then, I'm going to go rest my brain......

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